Junior Junction
Preschool and Toddlers

Junior Junction childcare services for preschool and toddlers

Junior Junction is a place where children can be confident, capable learners; where passionate qualified teachers support and enable children to learn alongside one another.

When your child spends time here they will feel a sense of pride in their Junior Junction family, and be excited to play, explore, imagine and wonder as they learn.

Individual learning programmes through teacher guided free-play

Children are explorers, scientists, artists. They're learning how to be friends, how to engage with the world, how to control their bodies, emotions and minds. At Junior Junction each child's day has an individual rhythm, as well as a predictable flow and structure. To ensure this balance, we provide a warm, nurturing setting that encourages children to learn through hands-on interactive exploration and a culturally and developmentally appropriate curriculum. 

Our curriculum is designed to encompass a diverse range of coordinated group activities as well individual play options that children are free to take part in. These include:

  • Sensory Play – Water, Sand, Messy Play
  • Puzzles and Block Building
  • Creative Art and Manipulative Play
  • Outdoor Play
  • Carpentry
  • Communication: Language and Literacy
  • Drama and Family Play
  • Science & Nature
  • Group time

For more information about the activities and play-based learning in our curriculum, contact your local Junior Junction Centre to talk to one of our qualified early childhood teachers.