Junior Junction
Day-to-day info

What to bring for my child at day care

Dressing for daycare: Please ensure your child is dressed in appropriate clothing for playing in, as free play can be “messy”.

Babies need to bring to day care:

  • Your child’s own bag (named)
  • A change of clothes
  • Shoes/Sandals/Slippers
  • Nappies
  • Bottle (named) and milk formula

Toddlers and preschool children need to bring to day care:

  • Your child’s bag (named)
  • A change of clothes
  • Nappies (if needed)
  • Drink bottle (named)

Coping with the transition into day care

At Junior Junction we are aware that the initial separation of you and your child may not be easy. To help make this transition easier:

  • We encourage parents/guardians to visit Junior Junction with their child prior to the child’s first day to become familiar with the teachers and the other children.
  • We recommend that you say good bye to your child when you leave as this develops trust between yourself, your child and the teacher.
  • We encourage telephone contact during the day.
  • We will allocate a teacher to the new child to ensure that all the child’s needs are met and that they receive consistent care. This teacher will also provide daily communication with the child’s parents/guardian. 
  • We welcome your child’s special comforting toys/blankets, however we will not take responsibility for any toys the child brings from home.

Meals at Junior Junction

Junior Junction observes a “low-sugar” policy in the interest of the children’s health and nutrition. We follow the Heart Foundation guidelines for suitable foods for the children. Our Chef prepares fresh vegetable mash daily for babies and a fully cooked lunch for toddlers and pre-school children. Morning and afternoon tea are also provided. Fruit is provided every day. We also provide for special dietary requirements like vegetarian options, food allergies, and cultural considerations.


All Junior Junction fees are due a week in advance. Please refer to the Fees Schedule that is attached to your child’s enrolment form for payment options and fee amounts.

20 hours child care subsidy

All Junior Junction centres offer the 20 hours Ministry of Education subsidy for 3 and 4 year old children. To claim this subsidy you must complete an Attestation form confirming your attendance at Junior Junction and no other centre. If you need to change your hours, you must complete another form. Our staff can help you with this if needed.

WINZ Childcare subsidy
Work and Income New Zealand operates a subsidy for parents whose children attend the Centres. The WINZ subsidy is subject to an income qualification. The relevant forms are in our forms section. Contact Work and Income for further information about qualification.

Junior Junction Drop-off and Pick-up policy

As part of our safety standards, Junior Junction has a strict drop-off and pick-up policy to help protect the children in our care. A responsible adult who is known to the Manager and Staff must bring children into the Centre. Only authorised persons (as indicated on the enrolment form) will be allowed to collect children from the Centre.

Please notify the Manager in writing of any changes to the authorised persons. Any adult other than one known to the Centre will be required to show identification (preferably photographic). Parents with custody orders must provide a copy to the Manager.


Parents must give at least two weeks’ notice before withdrawing their child from Junior Junction and at least one week’s notice if you wish to change your child’s session days.


At Junior Junction our policy is to allow two weeks holiday free of charge per child per year. These holidays must be taken in a minimum of one week blocks. Note that if the centre is closed over Christmas this is included in the two week holiday allocation.

Note: Statutory and absent days will be charged at the normal rate.

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